Dapper Dan – Day 29


“Those who know how to play can easily leap over the adversities of life.” –Igloolik Proverb


Dapper Dan Day 29 - 30 day challenge acrylics 10x8 birch panel

Dapper Dan
Day 29 – 30 day challenge
10×8 birch panel


Mr. Dapper Dan seems to be saying ‘whatya mean, you don’t like my shirt.’ But what Dapper Dan is really asking is ‘do you want to play?’ I am running out of ideas of what to paint next. I don’t paint still-life, but paint from my imagination. I am probably making it way too complicated. I need to find that ‘play’ state of mind, get my paints out and just paint. Play.

“The object isn’t to make art, it’s to be in that wonderful state which makes art inevitable.” Robert Henri


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Blogging for me is like keeping a journal which I have done in various forms since I can remember. But what's great about this format is it offers an opportunity to explore all the things that interest me as an artist with others. Blogging seems to strengthen that sense of being part of both something personal and something universal. It takes the journaling idea and expands it through visitor's comments creating a valuable dialog that connects us to each other no matter where we live. I enjoy responding to each comment and warmly welcome your visits. email: judyshreve at mac dot com
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4 Responses to Dapper Dan – Day 29

  1. Susan says:

    Oh, I KNOW what you mean, Judy! I’m thinking about throwing a couple of mini ladies in red onto a plate of fruit. You could alway paint a still life that Dapper Dan and his friends have been into 🙂

    We are A.L.M.O.S.T. there!!!

  2. smartcat says:

    Let Dapper Dan lead the way….only two more days!
    He is a dapper fellow!

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