“Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.” -Alan Watts

You Are Going To Throw The Ball, right? (10x10)

You Are Going To Throw The Ball, right? (10×10)

The Town Crier (10x10)

The Town Crier (10×10)

This Little Piggie (10x10)

This Little Piggie (10×10)

Lenny (12x12)

Lenny (12×12)

Hitching A Ride (10x10)

Hitching A Ride (10×10)

And The Band Played (12x12)

And The Band Played (12×12)

It’s been a crazy summer. Really it started in the spring with my house full of workmen which I thought I would be able to ‘tune-out’ while working in my studio. NOT! Then we went to the coast for a week and then to Italy for 10 days and back to more house renovations. Dealing with all that plus having a bunch of dental work done, I have totally lost my daily rhythm.

Since I don’t work from photographs or by setting up a still-life, I need my imagination not bothered by mundane details. I need time alone. I need to remember to be present. I remember doing a daily painting challenge last January. It really fed my creative juices. So using that same format, I’ve been painting on small (10×10 or 12×12) birch panels and trying to finish a painting each day. I’ve been using different materials and different ways of approaching the panel. It’s been fun and has accomplished exactly what I needed it to do. I am ready to tackle a larger piece!

These are the pieces I’ve finished. My rhythm has returned. My studio makes me smile again. My overactive imagination has a place.

“Ideas are simply starting points. I can rarely set them down as they come to my mind. As soon as I start to work, others well up. To know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing. When I find myself facing a blank page, that’s always going through my head. What I capture in spite of myself interests me more than my own ideas.” -Picasso

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Blogging for me is like keeping a journal which I have done in various forms since I can remember. But what's great about this format is it offers an opportunity to explore all the things that interest me as an artist with others. Blogging seems to strengthen that sense of being part of both something personal and something universal. It takes the journaling idea and expands it through visitor's comments creating a valuable dialog that connects us to each other no matter where we live. I enjoy responding to each comment and warmly welcome your visits. email: judyshreve at mac dot com
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