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“Artists are intuitive. They wait for inspiration. That’s what art is about, the intuitive, not the intellectual. Art about ideas stimulates ideas, but art that comes from inspiration stimulates feelings of happiness, innocence and beauty.” -Agnes Martin

High Country Art in Blue Ridge has new owners, Gary Coltek and Robin Taylor and they have already sold two of my pieces! YAY! Thank you.

Birds of a Feather (sold)

Steppin’ Out (sold)

So I’m taking them two new pieces tomorrow!

He Fancied Himself The Village Balladeer (22×16)

Mountain Biking (16×22.5)

I’ve also been invited to participate in Spotlight on Art  for Trinity School (Atlanta) again this year. This annual fundraiser has been going on since 1982 with over 350 artists – contemporary art, folkart, ceramics, jewelry. Click the link to find out more about it.

I am busy painting getting more work to my galleries and making a new body of work for Spotlight on Art. It’s a fun time in my studio!

“I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again.” -Anais Nin

About Judy Shreve

Blogging for me is like keeping a journal which I have done in various forms since I can remember. But what's great about this format is it offers an opportunity to explore all the things that interest me as an artist with others. Blogging seems to strengthen that sense of being part of both something personal and something universal. It takes the journaling idea and expands it through visitor's comments creating a valuable dialog that connects us to each other no matter where we live. I enjoy responding to each comment and warmly welcome your visits. email: judyshreve at mac dot com
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