About Me

“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” -Deepak Chopra

I am a storyteller and spent most of my youth thinking I wanted to be a writer, but I found pottery and detoured for about twenty years working with clay. When I switched from stoneware to earthenware, I started drawing on the surface. I was fascinated. I never knew I could draw.

My current landscape greatly influences my painting. It consists of farmland, animals, old decaying farms and barns and rolling hills with mountains in the distance.

But I paint from my imagination giving me the freedom to both visualize and feel my subjects. Painting in this way allows me to express my ideas more creatively – sometimes even distorting reality. My goal is to take you back to a time when anything seemed possible – when life felt mysterious and delightful.

I think of my work as narrative –

Once upon a time there was a little farm that lived down a dirt road. A big raven protected it, but the best part was the chickens could make all the animals laugh and the horses loved it dearly. Then one day a fox arrived . . . .

I think it may go something like that. And even though one aspect of my work is enchantment and wonder, I also use symbolism to show the connection of life and spirit; to show the importance of diversity; the intelligence of animals and the relationship we each have to all living things. I believe life is full of beauty – if not a little magical.

Every mark I make is a combination of all my life experiences and all my dreams. Each piece contains a lifetime of aesthetic experience and interest and for me, a successful piece is one that opens your heart and creates a smile.

I can’t imagine not working in my studio everyday. It brings a song to my heart that maybe only I can hear, but it is my hope that others can share that song with me through my art.

My paintings can be found at various locations across the United States, internationally and in private collections. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, please see my gallery representation. They will help you select a piece and ship to your location.

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” –Friedrich Nietzsch